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Stanley A. Chodorow

(Ph.D., Cornell University 1968;) is a specialist in medieval history, legal and constitutional history, political theory, and the history of politics, 1050-1300.

Joseph Esherick

(Ph.D., California, Berkeley, 1971) is a specialist in modern China.

Takashi Fujitani

(Ph.D., California, Berkeley, 1986) is a specialist in modern Japan, modern and contemporary Japanese culture, military culture.

Gabriel Jackson

(Ph.D., University of Toulouse 1952), an historian of Spain, specializes on the Spanish Civil War and other aspects of modern Spain.

David S. Luft

(Ph.D., Harvard University 1972) modern European intellectual history, modern Austrian history and central European history, Humanities, and History and Theory.

Thomas A. Metzger

(Ph.D., Harvard University 1967) is a specialist on the institutional and intellectual history of premodern China.

Allan Mitchell

(Ph.D., Harvard University 1961; professor) is a specialist in Franco-German history and the European rail network in the nineteenth century.

Michael Monteón

Michael Monteón Ph.D., Harvard University 1974; Professor.

Michael Monteón was born in Mason City, Iowa, and educated at the University of Denver and Harvard University. He is a professor of history and has been affiliated with UCSD since 1973.

Alden A. Mosshammer

(Ph.D., Brown University 1971; professor) studies the history of ancient Greece and Rome and early Christianity.

Edward Reynolds

(Ph.D., University of London School of Oriental and African Studies 1972; professor) studies African history, with a focus on West African economic history and missionary history.

David R. Ringrose

(Ph.D., University of Wisconsin 1966) is a specialist on early modern Europe, with an emphasis on the economic history of Europe and the history of Spain.

Martin J.S. Rudwick

(Ph.D., University of Cambridge 1958; professor) focuses on the earth and life sciences of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the historical relations of scientific and religious practices.

Cynthia Truant

(Ph.D., Chicago, 1978) is a historian of European and French labor, European women and gender studies, and French social and cultural history during 1650-1850.