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William Propp William Propp
Department of History
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive MC 0104
La Jolla , California , 92093-0104
(858) 534-6187
H&SS Room: 4016

Curriculum Vitae

William Henry Covici Propp specializes in the civilizations and languages of the ancient Near East, as well as in biblical and Judaic Studies. He gives instruction in northwest Semitic epigraphy, Assyriology, Aramaic, Near Eastern history, the Hebrew Bible, and modern Hebrew languages, and literature. His particular interest is applying models from cultural anthropology to the study of ancient texts.


  • Water in the Wilderness: A Biblical Motif and Its Mythological Background. Harvard Semitic Monographs, 1987.
  • Editor with B. Halpern and D.N. Freedman, The Hebrew Bible and Its Interpreters. Eisenbrauns, 1990.
  • Editor, Studies in Hebrew and Aramaic Orthography by F.I. Andersen, A.D. Forbes, and D.N. Freedman. Eisenbrauns, 1992.
  • Exodus 1-18.. Anchor Bible. Doubleday, 1998.
  • Editor with R.E. Friedman, Le-David Maskil: A Birthday Tribute to David Noel Freedman. Eisenbrauns, 2004.
  • Exodus 19-40. Anchor Bible. Doubleday, 2006.


  • HINE 106. The Bible and the Near East - the Writings.
  • HINE 111. Anthropology and the Hebrew Bible.
  • HINE 112a. Great Stories from the Hebrew Bible.
  • HINE 112b. Great Poems from the Hebrew Bible.
  • HINE 113. Ancient Near Eastern Mythology.
  • Judaic Studies 100. Introduction to Hebrew Bible.