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Robert Westman Robert Westman
Department of History
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive MC 0104
La Jolla , California , 92093-0104
(858) 534-6317
H&SS Room: 4072

Curriculum Vitae

Cultural history of early modern science. The Copernican problem, astrology, Renaissance philosophies of nature. Ph.D., University of Michigan (1971). Professor Westman taught at the University of California Los Angeles, 1969-88.


Courses Taught

  • HISC 106. The Scientific Revolution.
  • HISC 166/266. The Galileo Affair.
  • HIGR 236A-B. Research Seminar: History of Science.
  • HIGR 238. Introduction to Science Studies.
  • HIGR 241. Advanced Approaches to Science Studies.


  • History of Science