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Visiting Scholars

Christopher Bennett - Independent Scholar. Research project: Focused on Ptolemaic history and chronology, and on Hellenistic Calender system. Faculty sponsor: Bill Propp

Nick Bravo - Independent Scholar. Research project: Ethnic Mexicans and alcohol in Los Angeles during prohibition. Faculty sponsor: Luis Alvarez

Ann Elwood - Lecturer with Cal State University, San Marcos, History Dept. Research project: Continuing research on the History of dog breeds in 20th Century United States. Faculty sponsor: John Marino

Jianbiao Ma - Independent Scholar. Research project: The Americans in China: The USA & Reconstructing International Order in E. Asia 1912-22. Faculty Sponsor: Weijing Lu

David Miano - San Diego Mesa College. Research interests: History of ancient Israel in its Near Eastern context. Faculty sponsor: Bill Propp

Hillel Schwartz - Independent Scholar. Faculty sponsor: John Marino

Eliza Slavet - Independent Scholar. Research project: Building on research published in Racial Fever: Freud and the Jewish Question (Fordham University Press, 2009). Faculty sponsor: Pamela Radcliff

Mary Stroll - Independent Scholar. Research project: Continuing research.Faculty sponsor: John Marino

Yun ZONG - Ancient Chinese Books and Literature Institution. Research project: Genealogy and the Policy implementation of governing by filial Piety in Ming Dynasty. Faculty sponsor: Sarah Schneewind