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Undergraduate Students

Welcome to the History Department's Undergraduate Program.

The 37 permanent faculty and distinguished visiting faculty of the Department of History offer between 125 and 150 undergraduate courses every academic year in social, cultural, political, economic, and intellectual history. While most of the Department's offerings are grouped under geographic rubrics (United States, Europe, Latin America, East Asia, Africa, Near East), majors can choose either a geographic or a thematic field of emphasis (History of Science; History of Gender and Sexuality; History of Race, Ethnicity, and Migration; and History of War, Revolution, and Social Change). We hope that this site will familiarize interested undergraduates with our program and provide information that will address the questions of current and prospective students. You are also encouraged to contact the Department by phone or e-mail with queries.

Resources for Prospective Students

History Major Learning Objectives


Director of Undergraduate Studies

Professor Sarah Schneewind
Office: H&SS Building, Room 3062
Phone: (858) 822-0814

Undergraduate Student Affairs Advisor

Maggie Tilley
Office: H&SS Building, Room 5041
Phone: (858) 534-8940