All faculty are assigned a mailbox in H&SS 5012 for business related mailings.  The campus asks that you not have personal mail delivered to your department mailbox. You may place outgoing intercampus mail in the beige mailboxes located on the 2nd floor, to the right of the elevators.

Campus Phone and Email

UCSD Email

All UC San Diego employees and students receive an @ucsd.edu email account. The @ucsd.edu email should be used for all UC San Diego business correspondence. The @ucsd.edu email account will preserve the privacy of your personal email address, allow you access to the campus wireless network, and allow you access to campus computing resources such as TritonLink and WebCT. Please see the department's Computer Resource Specialist, for assistance if you have any email challenges or other software or hardware issues. For students' convenience, your email address should appear on your course syllabus and will be listed on the department's website.

Office Phone

Using your office phone: Select 8 for an outgoing call.

Complete phone services at UCSD: https://blink.ucsd.edu/technology/phones/

UC San Diego ID Card


Parking at UC San Diego is an ongoing challenge.Parking lots are constantly under some form of construction, so it is best to check out the maps and parking space options nearest to your classroom. Faculty may purchase an A level (offers more parking options) or B level parking pass. 

More Information: http://blink.ucsd.edu/HR/services/new/orientation/parking.html