Fall Quarter 2021

Course descriptions can be found in the general catalog, topical course descriptions can be found at the bottom of this page, and syllabi may be found at courses.ucsd.edu. All courses listed on this page are subject to change.

Colloquia - H*** 160-190 
Graduate Courses - H*** 200+
"+" indicates courses that focus on the period before 1800

Lower Division Courses

Course Title Instructor
HILD 2A United States History M. Hanna
HILD 7B Race & Ethnicity in the United States N. Kwak
HILD 10 East Asia: The Great Tradition S. Schneewind
HILD 14 Film and History in Latin America D. Murillo
HILD 30 History of Public Health  C. Edington

Upper Division Courses

Course Title Instructor
HIAF 112 West Africa Since 1880 S. Rosenfeld
HIEA 137 Women and the Family in Chinese History W. Lu
HIEU 104 Bryzantine Empire + G. Nathan
HIEU 109 Blood Soil and Boundaries: Nationalism in Europe + D. Hertz
HIEU 116B Greece and the Balkans in the Age of Nationalism+ T. Gallant
HIEU 137 History of Colonialism: From New Imperialism to Decolonization C. Edington
HIEU 138 Imperial Spain A. Devereux
HIEU 154 Modern German History: From Bismarck to Hitler J. Neuheiser
HILA 101 Nation State Formation, Ethnicity, and Violence in Latin America B. Cowan
HILA 121B History of Brazil since 1889 B. Cowan
HINE 116 The Ottoman Empire, Iran and Egypt (1798-1914) H. Kayali
HINE 119 U.S. Middle East Policy Post World War II M. Provence
HISC 107 The Emergence of Modern Science T. Golan
HISC 115 History of Modern Medicine C. Gere
HISC 131 Science, Technology, & Law T. Golan
HIUS 130 Cultural History from 1607 to 1865 R. Klein
HIUS 141 Economic History of the United States II M. Hendrickson
HIUS 152A Constitutional History of the United States to 1865 K. Vandevelde


Course Title Instructor
HIEA 171 Society and Culture in Premodern China+ W. Lu
HIEU 164 Race Modern Iberia  A. Devereux
None Offered
None Offered
None Offered
HITO 100 The Craft of History M. Balberg
HITO 100 The Craft of History M. Vitz
HITO 178 History of Seafaring M. Hanna
HITO 196 Honor's Seminar M. Provence

Departmental Approval

To enroll in a colloquium you will need to request Department Approval by using the Course Pre-Authorization Request tool. In the justification field please answer the following questions:
  • Why are you interested in taking the class?
  • Have you taken any history classes before?
  • Have you taken any other course on this period?
  • How heavy is your schedule? -- we will have a lot of reading and writing.
  • What kinds of papers have you written before? 

Graduate Courses

Course Title Instructor
HIGR 200 History and Theory F. Biess
HIGR 210 Historical Scholarship on Modern Chinese History K. Gerth
HIGR 217A Historical Scholarship in Pre-Modern Chinese History S. Schneewind
HIGR 230A Research Seminar in European History P. Patterson
HIGR 223A Research Seminar in Medieval History N. Caciola

HILA 267

Colonial Historiography D. Murillo
HIGR 275A Research Seminar in Middle Eastern History H. Kayali
HIGR 239 Seminar in Science Studies C. Gere
HIGR 209 Teaching History M. Hanna

New and Topical Course Descriptions

HIEU 160/260. Topics in Ancient Greek History: Greek Religion and Society

Ancient Greek religion, with its multiplicity of divinities, the absence of scriptural books, and its sacrificial and ritualistic practices, was an integral part of ancient Greek culture and society.  This course examines how the Greek polytheistic religious system was shaped by and, in turn, shaped Greek society.  More specifically, religious festivals and rituals reflected the general Greek religious system of practices and beliefs, while at the same time helped to define and reinforce the social and political identities of each city-state, smaller social groups within it, and the larger Greek collective. Topics we will study include, animal sacrifice; priests and priesthoods; sacred spaces; civic religion (especially in Athens); rites of passage and initiation cults; panhellenism and religion; mystery and ecstatic cults; oracles; the afterlife; and magic.

HILA 169/269 Scholarship in Latin American 20th Century

Course description coming soon!

HINE 186/286 Topics/Middle Eastern History

Course description coming soon! 

Freshman Seminars Course Descriptions

HITO 87. Why Do Europeans Love and Hate America?

"Americanization" and "McDonaldization" in Europe spark controversy and even violent protests. Many treat imports of American culture with disgust. Yet the US is also admired, even loved, and demand for American things remains strong. We will study key forms of and resistance to Americanization.

HITO 87. What is Socialism? What isn't? 

Description coming soon