Winter Quarter 2020

Course descriptions can be found in the general catalog, topical course descriptions can be found at the bottom of this page, and syllabi may be found at courses.ucsd.eduAll courses listed on this page are subject to change.

Colloquia - H*** 160-190 
Graduate Courses - H*** 200+
"+" indicates courses that focus on the period before 1800

Freshman Seminars

Course Title Instructor
HITO 87 Piracy in Popular Culture Hanna


Lower Division Courses

Course Title Instructor
HILD 2B United States History Klein
HILD 7B Race & Ethnicity in the United States Man
HILD 11 East Asia and the West, 1279–1911 Gerth
HILD 30 History of Public Health Edington

Upper Division Courses

Course Title Instructor
HIAF 111 Modern Africa Since 1880 Prestholdt
HIEA 115 Japan: Social & Cultural/ 20th Century Matsumura
HIEA 132 People's Republic China Gerth
HIEA 137 China: Women & Family History Matsumura
HIEA 155 China and the Environment Muscolino
HIEU 104 Byzantine Empire Canceled - moved to Spring 2020 Watts
HIEU 115 The Pursuit of the Millenium Caciola
HIEU 128 Europe since 1945 Neuheiser
HIEU 139 Sex and Gender 1500-1800 Hertz
HIEU 151 Spain Since 1808 Radcliff
HILA 100 Conquest/Empire: The Americas Murillo
HILA 102 Latin America 20th Century Cowan
HILA 103 Revolution Modern Latin America Davenport
HILA 121B History of Brazil 1889-Present Graham
HILA 144 Latin America Topic Cowan
HINE 109 History of the Ottoman Empire Shafir
HINE 116 The Middle East: Age of Euro Empires Kayali
HINE 120 Middle East in the New Century Provence
HISC 106 The Scientific Revolution Westman
HISC 117 History of the Neurosciences Gere
HIUS 104 The Revolutionary Atlantic Hanna
HIUS 144 Topics in U.S. History Klann
HIUS 152A A Constitutional History of the United States since 1865 Vandevelde


Course Title Instructor
HIEU 163/263 Topics in Medieval History Caciola
HIEU 183/283 Social History: Mediterranean Gallant
HINE 171/271 Early Judaism and Christianity Balberg
HINE 186/286 Topics: Middle Eastern History Kayali

Departmental Approval

To enroll in a colloquium you will need to request Department Approval by using the Course Pre-Authorization Request tool. In the justification field please answer the following questions:
  • Why are you interested in taking the class?
  • Have you taken any history classes before?
  • Have you taken any other course on this period?
  • How heavy is your schedule? -- we will have a lot of reading and writing.
  • What kinds of papers have you written before? 

Graduate Courses

Course Title Instructor
HIGR 215A Modern Chinese History Muscolino
HIGR 240 Colloquium in Science Studies Gere
HIGR 241 Intro to Science Studies Part II Navon
HIGR 247A Research Seminar: Colonial Latin America Murillo
HIGR 265A Historical Scholarship on American History Hanna
HIGR 275B Research Seminar: Middle Eastern History Provence
HIGR 280 Global History: Early Modern Era Devereux
HIGR 282 Topics in Global History Vitz

New and Topical Course Descriptions

Topics information to come soon..