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Winter Quarter 2025

Tentative as of 6/27/2023

Course descriptions can be found in the general catalog, topical course descriptions can be found at the bottom of this page, and syllabi may be found at courses.ucsd.eduAll courses listed on this page are subject to change.

Colloquia - H*** 160-190 
Graduate Courses - H*** 200+
"+" indicates course that focus on the period before 1800
"#" indicates course is a colloquium

Freshman Seminars

Course Title Instructor
HITO 87 Global History of Drugs Edington


Lower-Division Courses

Course Title Instructor
HILD 2B United States History Plant
HILD 7A Race & Ethnicity in the United States Widener
HILD 11 East Asia and the West, 1279–1911 Lu
HILD 41 Anthropocene 2: The First Global Erz, 1400-1750 Devereux
HILD 60 Global Black History/Biography Graham

Upper-Division Courses

Course Title Instructor
HIAF 113 Small Wars and Global Order Prestholdt
HIAF 114 Black Internationalism Gyamfi
HIEA 129 Faces of the Chines Past +



HIEA 140R China Since 1978 Gerth
HIEA 150 Modern Korez, 1800-1945 Henry
HIEU 103 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire + Watts
HIEU 116B Greece & the Balkans in the Age of Nationalism Gallant
HIEU 123 Ancient Greece in the Classical Period + Demetriou
HIEU 139 Sex and Gender from the Renaissance to the French Revolution + Strasser
HIEU 147 Europe and the World I, 1808-1918 Biess
HIEU 149 Land of Three Faiths: Jews, Muslims, and Christians in Medieval Spainand Portugal + Devereau
None Offered
HILA 100 Conquest and Empire: The Americas + Murillo
HILA 102 Latin America/20th Century Cowan
HILA 121B History of Brazil, 1889-Present Cowan
HILA 131 A History of Mexico Vitz
HILA 144 Topics in Latin American History Kozameh
 HINE 125 Jews in Greek and Roman World + Balberg
HISC 109 Invention of Tropical Disease Edington
HISC 115 History of Medicine Gere
HISC 180 Science and Public Policy # Golan
HITO 100 The Craft of History Hertz
HITO 100 The Craft of History Hendrickson
HITO 133 War & Society-Second World War Hansen
HIUS 133 The Golden Age of Piracy + Hanna
HIUS 139 African American History in th 20th Century Widener
HIUS 144 Topics in U.S. History Martinez-Matsuda
HIUS 146 Race, Riots, and Violence in the U.S. Alvarez
HIUS 178 The Atlantic World, 1400-1800 + # Hanna

Departmental Approval

To enroll in a colloquium you will need to request Department Approval by using the Course Pre-Authorization Request tool. In the justification field please answer the following questions:
  • Why are you interested in taking the class?
  • Have you taken any history classes before?
  • Have you taken any other course on this period?
  • How heavy is your schedule? -- we will have a lot of reading and writing.
  • What kinds of papers have you written before? 

Graduate Courses

Course Title Instructor
HIGR 203 Madness and Society Edington
HIGR 215B Research Seminar: Modern Chinese History Muscolino
HIGR 220 Historical Scholarship on European History, 1500-1715 Strasser
HIGR 247A Research Seminar in Colonial Latin America Murillo

New and Topical Course Descriptions

HITO 192 Senior Seminar: Plague Diaries
Records of the personal diaries of those who have lived through past epidemics have proved to be invaluable resources for historians eager to reconstruct daily life during periods of intense social, political, and cultural change. In this seminar, students will read four plague diaries of eyewitnesses to the Plague of Athens (Thucydides), Black Death in 17th century England (Samuel Pepys); HIV/AIDS in poor and marginalized communities of color in the US (Gil Cuadros) and Covid-19 in 21st century Wuhan, China (Fang Fang). We will discuss plague diaries as a literary genre and historical source, and consider the unique insight this form of eye witnessing lends to our understanding of the history of public health.