Summer Session 2019

Course descriptions can be found in the general catalog, topical course descriptions can be found at the bottom of this page, and syllabi may be found at courses.ucsd.eduAll courses listed on this page are subject to change.

Colloquia - H*** 160-190 (not offered in summer)
Graduate Courses - H*** 200+ (not offered in summer)
"+" indicates courses that focus on the period before 1800

Enrollment and Registration Calendar

Summer Session 1

Course Title Instructor
HILD 2A United States History G. Mack 
HILD 14 Film and History in Latin America T. Kokinis
HIEA 131 China in War and Revolution, 1919-1949 Y. Jiao
HIEU 109 Blood, Soil, Boundaries - Nationalism in Europe + M. Kenny
HIEU 111 Europe in the Middle Ages + L. Wood
HIEU 136B European Society and Social Thought, 1870-1989 K. Kefalas
HILA 113 Lord and Peasant in Latin America A. Campos
HILA 114 Dictatorships in Latin America M. Morales Fontanilla
HINE 118 The Middle East in the Twentieth Century R. Silverman
HISC 105 History of Environmentalism M. Hineline
HIUS 113 History of Mexican America M. Castaneda
HIUS 159 Social and Economic History of the Southwest II K. Aguilar

Summer Session 2

Course Title Instructor
HILD 7C Race and Ethnicity in the United States J. Ramirez
HILD 30 History of Public Health P. Martins Marcos
HIEU 137 History of Colonialism M. Hall
HIEU 152 The Worst of Times: Everyday Life in Authoritarian and Dictatorial Societies  T. Gray
HILA 104 Drugs in Latin America M. Monteon
HISC 119 Biology and Society T. Golan
HITO 126 History of Childhood M. Carreras
HIUS 103 The United States and the Pacific World S. Man
HIUS 149 The US in the 1960s K. Malone

New and Topical Course Descriptions

There are none this summer. :)