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European women


Please refer to Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer courses for course offerings. 

Historians of Europe at UC San Diego are engaged in a wide-ranging, innovative program of research and teaching. Our faculty bring fresh interpretative approaches to the more traditional, well-established concerns of European history and, at the same time, work to open up new lines of inquiry into peoples, places, topics, and experiences that have often gone overlooked and undervalued in the past. Recognizing the importance of deep local and regional knowledge, we also stress the value of seeing Europe’s histories in the context of larger transnational and global connections. The result is a lively mix that puts UCSD's History Department at the center of many of the most important debates in the field today, nationally and internationally.

Geographic sub-fields with concentrated strength include: Germany and Central Europe in the early modern and modern periods; modern Spain and the Mediterranean region; and Greece and the Balkans, with individual faculty expertise in a number of other countries and areas. Topical and thematic sub-fields with special faculty depth are: fascism, genocide, and Holocaust studies; gender history and women's history; communism and the Cold War era; religion; social history; authoritarianism and democratic transitions; social movements and revolution; and popular culture, leisure, and sports.

Opportunities for collaboration with specialists in other departmental field groups and with faculty in other UC San Diego departments complement all of these areas of emphasis and expertise. We strongly value interdisciplinary and cross-regional work.

Graduate students in the program receive training both in the history of a particular country or countries and in European historiography more broadly. Further professional development comes through appointments as Teaching Assistants in departmental courses and in the core courses of UC San Diego's residential colleges, most notably through the Revelle College Humanities Program and the Making of the Modern World global studies program of Eleanor Roosevelt College.


Core Faculty

Frank Biess, History

Mark G. Hanna, History
Assoc Professor

Nancy Caciola, History

Robert Edelman, History

Thomas Gallant, History
Distinguished Professor & Nicholas Family Endowed Chair in Modern Greek History

Deborah Hertz, History
Professor & Herman Wouk Chair in Modern Jewish Studies

Patrick Patterson, History
Assoc Professor

Pamela Radcliff, History

Ulrike Strasser, History

Edward Watts, History
Professor & Alkiviadis Vassiladis Endowed Chair in Byzantine Greek History