The staff are all currently on telecommute indefinitely. If you need to reach one of them for anything please contact them by email. Do not come to the department as there will be no staff present. 


Student Affairs

  • Sally Hargate

    Sally Hargate

    Student Affairs Manager
    Phone: (858) 822-0664

    -Student Affairs Policies and Procedures
    -Graduate Student Advising
    -Graduate Student Funding
    -Graduate Student Employment 
    -Graduate Curriculum & Courses
    -Graduate Admissions

  • Luke Garton

    Graduate Program Assistant 
    Phone: (858) 246-2630  

    -Graduate Student Employment 
    -Graduate Student Payroll & Stipend Payments
    -Summer Session
    -Admit Day and Graduate Orientation

  • Robert Lopez

    Robert Lopez

    Undergraduate Student Affairs Coordinator
    Phone: (858) 534-8940

    -Undergraduate Student Advising
    -Undergraduate Curriculum & Courses
    -Class Scheduling
    -Course Evaluations
    -Degree Checks
    -Faculty Office Hours

Academic Personnel

Fiscal Affairs

  • Jennifer Hollis

    Fiscal Analyst
    Phone: (858) 534-2852, Email:

    -Financial reporting
    -Travel and entertainment supervisor
    -Contracts and grants
    -Independent contractors
    -Foundation accounting
  • Sarab Aziz

    Department Events Coordinator
    Phone: 858-534-1996, Email:

    -Events Scheduling
    -Event Publicity
    -Burke Lectureship
    -Office Management
    -HILD Support TA Desk Copies
    -HILD Support TA Class Lists