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War, Revolution, and Social Change

War, Revolution, and Social Change is one of the thematic Fields of Emphasis for the History major. The major requirement in the thematic fields of emphasis is the same as in the “geographical” fields. For example, the field of emphasis requirement in War, Revolution, and Social Change can be satisfied by taking three of the courses listed below (or equivalent, such as EAP and transfer courses to be petitioned

Please refer to Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Courses for course offerings. 

Course List

Courses listed in italics must be petitioned.

HIAF 111: Modern Africa Since 1880

HIAF 113: Small Wars and the Global Order: Asia and Africa

HIAF 120: History of South Africa

HIEA 112: Japan: from Mid-19thCentury to the U.S. Occupation

HIEA 113: The Fifteen Year War in Asia and the Pacific

HIEA 130: History of the Modern Chinese Revolution 1800-1911

HIEA 131: History of the Modern Chinese Revolution 1911-1949

HIEA 132: History of the People’s Republic of China

HIEA 133: Cultural History of 20th Century China

HIEU 101: Greece in the Classical Age (+)

HIEU 101A: Ancient Greek Civilization (+)

HIEU 102A: Ancient Roman Civilization (+)

HIEU 104: Byzantine Empire (+)

HIEU 117A: Greece & the Balkans/1683-1914

HIEU 125: Reformation Europe (+)

HIEU 129: Paris, Past, and Present (+)

HIEU 131: The French Revolution, 1789-1814 (+)  

HIEU 132: Germany from Luther to Bismarck (+)

HIEU 135: European Economy and Society,1000-1750 (+) 

HIEU 136A: European Society and Social Thought, 1688-1870 (+)

HIEU 136B: European Society and Social Thought, 1870-1989

HIEU 138: Imperial Spain 1476-1808 (+)

HIEU 141: European Diplomatic History, 1870-1945

HIEU 146: Communism, Fascism&Crisis of Liberal Democracy

HIEU 151: Spain since 1808

HIEU 154: Modern Germany: From Bismarck to Hitler

HIEU 156: Russia: 1855 to the Present

HIEU 158: Why Hitler? How Auschwitz?

HIEU 167: The French Revolution and Napoleonic Era

HIEU 174: The Holocaust: A Psychological Approach

HIEU 177: Special Topics in Modern German Thought

HIEU 178: Russian History & Popular Culture

HIEU 171: SP05,WI06, SP06 Topics: Nazi Europe

HILA 100: LatAmer-Colonial Transformations

HILA 102: Latin America in the 20th Century

HILA 107: State and Society in 19th & 20th Century Latin America

HILA 114: Dictatorship in Latin America

HILA 122: Cuba: From Colony to Socialist Republic

HILA 123: The Incas and Their Ancestors (+)

HILA 118: Subverting Sovereignty: U.S. Aggression in Latin America

HINE 108: The Middle East Before Islam (+)

HINE 114: History of the Islamic Middle East (+)

HINE 118: The Middle East in the Twentieth Century

HINE 119: Contemporary Middle East Conflicts

HINE 126: Iranian Revolution in Historical Perspective

HINE 186: Topics in the Middle East

HISC 111: The Atomic Bomb & the Atomic Age

HITO 133: War and Society: the Second World War

HITO 134: International Law/War Crimes & Geno

HITO 172: War in the 20th Century

HIUS 104, The Revolutionary Atlantic (+)

HIUS 116: War and American Society

HIUS 133: The Golden Age of Piracy(+)

HIUS 140: Economic History of the United States (+)

HIUS 141: Economic History of the United States

HIUS 146: Race, Riots & Violence in the U.S.

HIUS 187: Topic in American Social History

Please Note: The Degree Audit will not automatically pick up the courses for a Thematic Emphasis. The Undergraduate Advisor must enter the courses manually. Once you have completed the three courses for this Thematic field, please message the Undergraduate Advisor via the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) with: 
1. the Thematic Emphasis you would like listed
2. a list of the three courses you have taken and passed that will fulfill the Thematic Emphasis requirement