History of Science

History of Science

The History of Science field in the Department of History takes as its concern the study of scientific, medical and technological theories and practices, ranging from the Renaissance to the twenty-first century. Faculty have particular interests in the encounter between science and religion, the history of prognostication, science and questions of law, policy, governance and democracy, scientific medicine and medical ethics.

At the graduate level, the History of Science actively participates in the interdepartmental Science Studies Program, together with students and faculty from the Departments of CommunicationPhilosophy and Sociology. The Program promotes an interdisciplinary vision. Undergraduates may choose a minor in Science Studies.

History of Science faculty are also involved in other pedagogical initiatives at UCSD, including the minor in Law and Society, the Global Health major and the Program for the Study of Religion.

Core Faculty

Cathy Gere, History
Assoc Professor

Tal Golan, History
Assoc Professor

Nir Shafir, History
Assistant Professor

Robert Westman, History