Placement History

The list below includes all graduate students who have received their Ph.D. in the department since 2018. Positions are designated as tenure-track (TT), tenured (T), or fixed-term (FT). If our graduates have accepted employment outside academia, this is noted where information is available. 


Name Dissertation Title Advisor Initial Placement Current Position
Johnathan Abreu TBA Hunefeldt
Juan Carmona Zabala State Expansion and Economic Integration: A Transnational History of Oriental Tobacco in Greece and Germany (1880-1941) Gallant
Suzanne Dunai Food Politics in Postwar Spain: Everyday Life during the Hunger Years, 1939-1952 Radcliff
Kathryn Flach Tell It Like It Is: Television and Social Change, 1960-1980. Plant
Kalliope Kefalas "Setting the Wolf to Protect the Sheep": Violence, Crime, and the Criminal Justice System in Crete (1878-1913) Gallant
Young Hyun Kim Popular Politics of Social Emancipation in Bolivia from the 1930s to the Present: Indigeneity, Revolution and the State. Hunefeldt
Troy Kokinis Haga Circular: Latin Americanist Anarchism and the Uruguayan New Left, 1962-76 Monteon/Van Young
Manuel Morales Fontanilla Impossible Roads: Cycling Landscapes and Cultural Representation in Colombia, 1930-1958 Hunefeldt/Edelman
Carrie Streeter Self-Expression and Health: Mind-Body Medicine in the Era of the New Woman Plant
Cameo West Antebellum Inc., Hollywood, and the Construction of Southern Identity, 1920-1940. Widener/Klein


Name Dissertation Title Advisor Initial Placement Current Position
Ali Brivio Plague Spreaders: Political Conspirators and Agents of the Devil. A Study of Popular Belief in 17th-Century Milan Strasser/Caciola Assistant Professor (TT), Erskine College
James Deavenport Streams of Memory: Cultural Selection, Monumentalism, and the Collapse of History in the (re) fashioning of Amazonia Hunefeldt
Stephanie Fairchild Urban Farm Workers: A History of the Justice for Janitors Campaign as an Adaptive Response to Neoliberal Restructuring and Union Decline Gutierrez
Edward "Ted" Falk Arabs into Frenchmen: Education and Identity in Ottoman Syria Kayali/Provence
David Henderson El Mar de Extremadura: Irrigation, Colonization, and Francoism in Southwestern Spain, 1898-1978 Radcliff
David Livingstone The Bundesgrenzschutz: Re-civilizing Security in Postwar West Germany, 1950-1977 Biess Chief of Police, Simi Valley, CA Chief of Police, Simi Valley, CA
Alina Mendez Cheap for Whom? Migration, Farm Labor, and Social Reproduction in the Imperial Valley-Mexicali Borderlands, 1942-1969 Molina/Gutierrez Assistant Professor (TT), University of Washington
Lance Mylonakis Transnational Piracy in the Eastern Mediterranean, 1821-1897 Gallant
Mychal Odom From Southern California to Southern Africa: Translocal Black Internationalism in Los Angeles and San Diego from Civil Rights to Antiapartheid, 1960 to 1994 Alvarez/Widener
Amy O'Keefe God of Our Fathers in A Mother's Realm: Christianizing the Home and Indigenizing Protestantism in China, 1907- 1938 Pickowicz/Esherick Assistant Professor (TT), Meredith College Assistant Professor (TT), Meredith College
Audrey Price Pure and Applied: Christopher Clavius's Approach to Mathematics Pedagogy Westman
Gerardo Rios Por la Patria Chica: Indigenous Rebellion and Revolution in the Oriente Central de Mexico, Tlaxcala and Puebla, 1853-1927 Van Young Assistant Professor (TT), Southwestern College Assistant Professor (TT), Southwestern College
Luis Sanchez-Lopez Crafting the Mestizo: Indigeneity, Customary Law, and Statecraft in Mexico Monteon
Robert Terrell The People's Drink: Beer, Bavaria, and the Remaking of Germany, 1933-1987 Biess Assistant Professor (TT), Syracuse University Assistant Professor (TT), Syracuse University
Teresa Walch Degenerate Spaces: The Coordination of Space
in Nazi Germany
Biess Post-Doc Fellow (FT), Hebrew University


Name Dissertation Title Advisor Initial Placement Current Position
Foster Chamberlin Honor Bound: The Military Culture of the Civil Guard and the Political Violence of the Spanish Second Republic, 1931-1936 Radcliff Assistant Professor (FT),  Bogazici University  Assistant Professor (FT),  Bogazici University 
Hilary Coulson The Penitentiary at Richmond: Slavery, State Building, and Labor in the South's First State Prison Plant
Mary Klann Citizens with Reservations: Race, Wardship, and Native American Citizenship in the Mid-Twentieth-Century American Welfare State Plant
William McGovern Street Children: St. Louis and the Transformation of American Reform, 1832-1904 Biess/Klein
Ulices Pina Rebellious Citizens: National Reforms and the Practice of Local Governance in Jalisco, Mexico. 1914-1940 Van Young