Placement History

The list below includes all graduate students who have received their Ph.D. in the department since 2018. Positions are designated as tenure-track (TT), tenured (T), or fixed-term (FT). If our graduates have accepted employment outside academia, this is noted where information is available. 


Name Dissertation Title Advisor Initial Placement Current Position
Johnathan Abreu Frontiers Beyond Abolition: Fugitive Slave Communities and Resistance in Maranhão and Pará, Brazil, 1860-1950 Hunefeldt
Patrick Adamiak To the Edge of the Desert: Caucasian Refugees, Civilization, and Settlement on the Ottoman Frontier, 1866-1918 Kayali/Provence
Juan Carmona Zabala State Expansion and Economic Integration: A Transnational History of Oriental Tobacco in Greece and Germany (1880-1941) Gallant Post-Doc, Vienna University of Economics and Business (FT) Post-Doc, Vienna University of Economics and Business (FT)
Theodora Dryer Designing Certainty: The Rise of Algorithmic Computing in an Age of Anxiety Gere
Suzanne Dunai Food Politics in Postwar Spain: Everyday Life during the Early Franco Dictatorship, 1939-1952 Radcliff
Nancy Egan Coming Soon! Monteon
Kathryn Flach Tell It Like It Is: Television and Social Change, 1960-1980. Plant
David Idol Betting on the Farm: Rural Economic and Environmental History of Greece, 1860–1900. Gallant
Kalliope Kefalas "Setting the Wolf to Protect the Sheep": Violence, Crime, and the Criminal Justice System in Crete (1878-1913) Gallant
Michael Kenny Inclusive Reactionaries in the Eternal Kingdom: Catholic Conservatism, Croatian Nationalism, and the Habsburg State Mission, 1861-1918 Patterson
Young Hyun Kim Popular Politics of Social Emancipation in Bolivia from the 1930s to the Present: Indigeneity, Revolution and the State. Hunefeldt
Troy Kokinis Haga Circular: Latin Americanist Anarchism, Dissident Labor, and the Uruguayan New Left, 1956-1976 Monteon/Van Young
Jorge Leal Aquí y Allá: ¡Yo Voy a Existir! Young Latina/o Ingenuity, Sounds, and Solidarity in Late Twentieth Century Los Ángeles, 1980-1997 Alvarez/Gutiérrez Post-Doc, University of Southern California (FT) Post-Doc, University of Southern California (FT)
Manuel Morales Fontanilla Impossible Roads: Cycling Landscapes and Cultural Representation in Colombia, 1930-1958 Hunefeldt/Edelman
Kelly Silva To Serve and To Heal: Native Peoples, Government Physicians, and the Rise of a Federal Indian Health Care System, 1832-1883 Klein
Carrie Streeter Self-Expression and Health: Mind-Body Medicine in the Era of the New Woman Plant
Cameo West Antebellum Inc., Hollywood, and the Construction of Southern Identity, 1920-1940. Widener/Klein
Geoffrey West Tallgrass Empire: Aspirational Citizenship, Martial Service, and the Creation of Subjects in the Northern Great Plains, 1876-1898 Plant


Name Dissertation Title Advisor Initial Placement Current Position
Ali Brivio Plague Spreaders: Political Conspirators and Agents of the Devil. A Study of Popular Belief in 17th-Century Milan Strasser/Caciola Assistant Professor (TT), Erskine College
James Deavenport Streams of Memory: Cultural Selection, Monumentalism, and the Collapse of History in the (re) fashioning of Amazonia Hunefeldt
Stephanie Fairchild Urban Farm Workers: A History of the Justice for Janitors Campaign as an Adaptive Response to Neoliberal Restructuring and Union Decline Gutierrez
Edward "Ted" Falk Arabs into Frenchmen: Education and Identity in Ottoman Syria Kayali/Provence
David Henderson El Mar de Extremadura: Irrigation, Colonization, and Francoism in Southwestern Spain, 1898-1978 Radcliff
David Livingstone The Bundesgrenzschutz: Re-civilizing Security in Postwar West Germany, 1950-1977 Biess Chief of Police, Simi Valley, CA Chief of Police, Simi Valley, CA
Alina Mendez Cheap for Whom? Migration, Farm Labor, and Social Reproduction in the Imperial Valley-Mexicali Borderlands, 1942-1969 Molina/Gutierrez Assistant Professor (TT), University of Washington
Lance Mylonakis Transnational Piracy in the Eastern Mediterranean, 1821-1897 Gallant
Mychal Odom From Southern California to Southern Africa: Translocal Black Internationalism in Los Angeles and San Diego from Civil Rights to Antiapartheid, 1960 to 1994 Alvarez/Widener
Amy O'Keefe God of Our Fathers in A Mother's Realm: Christianizing the Home and Indigenizing Protestantism in China, 1907- 1938 Pickowicz/Esherick Assistant Professor (TT), Meredith College Assistant Professor (TT), Meredith College
Audrey Price Pure and Applied: Christopher Clavius's Approach to Mathematics Pedagogy Westman
Gerardo Rios Por la Patria Chica: Indigenous Rebellion and Revolution in the Oriente Central de Mexico, Tlaxcala and Puebla, 1853-1927 Van Young Assistant Professor (TT), Southwestern College Assistant Professor (TT), Southwestern College
Luis Sanchez-Lopez Crafting the Mestizo: Indigeneity, Customary Law, and Statecraft in Mexico Monteon
Robert Terrell The People's Drink: Beer, Bavaria, and the Remaking of Germany, 1933-1987 Biess Assistant Professor (TT), Syracuse University Assistant Professor (TT), Syracuse University
Teresa Walch Degenerate Spaces: The Coordination of Space
in Nazi Germany
Biess Post-Doc Fellow (FT), Hebrew University Post-Doc Fellow (FT), Tel Aviv University


Name Dissertation Title Advisor Initial Placement Current Position
Foster Chamberlin Honor Bound: The Military Culture of the Civil Guard and the Political Violence of the Spanish Second Republic, 1931-1936 Radcliff Assistant Professor (FT),  Bogazici University  Assistant Professor (FT),  Bogazici University 
Hilary Coulson The Penitentiary at Richmond: Slavery, State Building, and Labor in the South's First State Prison Plant
Mary Klann Citizens with Reservations: Race, Wardship, and Native American Citizenship in the Mid-Twentieth-Century American Welfare State Plant
William McGovern Street Children: St. Louis and the Transformation of American Reform, 1832-1904 Klein
Ulices Pina Rebellious Citizens: National Reforms and the Practice of Local Governance in Jalisco, Mexico. 1914-1940 Van Young Assistant Professor (TT), CSU Long Beach