Christine Hunefeldt

Christine Hunefeldt has been teaching for the History Department at UCSD since 1990. She received her Ph.D. in Ethnology, Americanistics, and History from the University of Bonn, Germany in 1982. Her research focuses on Latin American history with an emphasis on Andean history, the lives of women, indigenous populations and slaves. Currently her research is centered in the Amazon Basin and the virtual reconstruction of its history.


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  • HILA 100. Colonial Tranformation.
  • HILA 101. Latin America in the Nineteenth Century.
  • HILA 102. Latin America in the Twentieth Century.
  • HILA 106. Economy, Nature, and Culture: Amazonia.
  • HILA 112. Economic and Social History of the Andean Regions.
  • HILA 123. The Incas and Their Ancestors.
  • HILA 161/261. History of Women in Latin America.
  • HILA 164/264. Women's Work and Family Life in Latin America.
  • HIGR 248 A-B. Research Seminar: Latin America National Period.
  • Andean and Amazonian history
  • Lives of women, indigenous peoples, black populations
  • Power relations, fiscal policies, state formation